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In the Spring of 2013, inspired by the magic that happens when people gather around the table, connect with one another, and pursue their passions through all the stages of life I created what was meant to be a hobby blog, 'One Armed Mama' showcasing how, even with our arms completely full, we can still relish in the simple things that bring us joy. Balancing parenting and personal passions, continuing to grow alongside our families.

It's a theme that's close to my heart. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about creating. I went from being a craft-fair-touring jewelry maker in my younger years to working the festival markets with my husband in my early twenties. This natural entrepreneurial drive also pushed me towards Western Washington University's School of Business and Economics where I graduated with degrees in both business and internet tech and the department's leadership award. Afterwards I was a kick-ass work-from-home-mama for years. Spending my days doing business work with toddlers at my toes and Martha Stewart on the tv. I loved planning elaborate birthday parties, volunteering for the PTA, sharing too many photos on social media of my kids and our vacations and hosting amazing dinner parties.

But it wasn't until 2017, though, that I realized it and my passion for business, food, photography, entertaining, family, and travel came together as I grew into a food photographer, recipe developer, and content creator. Spending my days pursuing my passions while helping others do the same. Over time, One Armed Mama changed to Fresh Flavorful to really highlight the focus on easy, flavorful fresh ideas for eating, entertaining and adventuring your way to a Fresh, Flavorful life.

photo by Laura Marchbanks Photography



“Everyone absolutely LOVED your post and your incredible photography! We even shared your photos around with everyone here at Ahalogy because they are some of the best we've seen!”